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February 25, 2011 - 10:47 PM
Kevin Williams

Mr Laughlin was my choir director for Acapella, and then Music men at North Central. He left before my last year in '68, but returned a couple of years later. During the time, I was in a rock band, which he teased me about from time to time. One summer, I think between my sophomore and junior year, while we were playing at Indiana Beach, we noticed a familiar guy playing with a jazz band next to the window at the second floor cocktail lounge. Yes, it was Mr. Laughlin. Being the fine upstanding citizens we were, we tossed some small objects up to the window to get his attention. He laughed, nodded to us, and didn't miss a beat. A little later, we noticed someone had tossed a cup at us on stage, looked out, saw his beaming and laughing face, and there he was watching us during his break! Dick Laughlin was then, now, and in the future, the ONLY man that could get me to put on a Santa suit, and dance in front of a full NCHS auditorium for the song "Be a Santa." Wish I had connected with him more after HS.

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