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October 16, 2007 - 08:10 AM
Steve Laughlin

My family and I attended last nights tribute at B&B's. Hopefully my Uncle was watching. He would have dearly enjoyed last night. I could hear him laughing and feeling the love that filled the theatre...especially the knocking over of the urn by Mr. Stark. That is my Uncle's kind of humor. He would have written that in the script himself if he could have. The theatre and staff; his teaching career and students; his vast family and friends from far and near; and Sean are what filled his every conversation and discussion we shared over the years. He dearly loved talking and telling stories of the people that he came in contact with over his 71 years. Believe me, that is many, many, people. I was very fortunate to hear many of the stories. I would have loved to hear them all. Growing up, I was always amazed and delighted to hear him play. Amazing talent. One specific thing I remember of my Uncle was that he always, always, asked about myself and my family first. He was always interested in what was going on with the person he was talking to.
I was so pleased to see the Orchestra loft commemorated to him last night. Severals times last night, I caught myself looking up at the loft, remembering the many shows that I got the pleasure to hear him perform. I will miss the phone calls and visits, when I needed to talk things out, or just bounce things off of a friend. He was an encyclopedia of information. Hopefully I can retain some of it. Thank you so much Beef and Boards for your kindness, generosity, and love. Thank you so much Sean for the care and love you gave him all of these years. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to cross paths with my Uncle again someday.

Steve Laughlin

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