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October 11, 2007 - 10:26 AM
Loretta Yoder/Kyle Latshaw

Though we are unable to be present for Dick’s memorial, we do remember. And our thoughts are with Sean and all those close to this remarkable and talented man. He influenced so many at a time of great musical richness on the Indy scene. The echos remain -- the beat goes on! He will be remembered fondly.
PS from Kyle
I don’t remember exactly when we met, but an early memory was when he was doing “Sound of Music” at CTS at the same time as “Curley McDimple” at the Avondale. I covered a rehearsal for him at CTS while he got Curley up and running, and then I went to the Avondale to play that show. Both were some of my first experiences with “leading from behind” and conducting by hearing rather than seeing. Thank you, thank you. Little did I know at the time how well that would stand me.
As our paths crossed and he left town, I remained -- picking up some of his old gigs. As the years went by I wound up at Beef & Boards and Dick was in Florida. I heard he wanted to come back to Indy and I wanted to move on to something else. A phone call later and he was on his way to a triumphant return and a long committment and friendship with the men at Beef & Boards, and later, meeting Sean.
In a stranger turn of events, Loretta, Dick and later Doug all had the bypass surgeries and all compared notes. Funny how one thing brings us together and then another, stronger lifechanging event furthers that bond...
Tne music world and all your friends will miss you, but you’ve left us with great memories...

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