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October 06, 2007 - 06:34 PM
Marti Dowman

I was fortunate to meet Dick around 1974 and some of my best memories are of the shows we worked together and listening to that incredibly infectious laugh. I am grateful for the confidence he gave me in my vocal ability and the amazing friends I made through knowing him.

Dick and I shared possibly the worst trip of either of our lives sometime in the late 70's. We set off from Naples, FL to drive straight through to Indiana in an ancient Vega station wagon with a "stolen" cat in tow (another story for another time). The Siamese (yes, Dick introduced me to the breed), usually an amiable creature, voiced his displeasure with the trip loudly and constantly the entire way to Lake Lemon. We broke down somewhere in Kentucky and the nightmare extended to about 30 hours of sheer auditory hell.

Dick, being the loving soul, forgave (although I'm sure never forgot) the wild ride I put him through. The friendship endured although I notice he never sought another cross country haul with me.

I left the business years ago and contact became only intermittant but I know my life has been fuller and richer thanks to Dick. Good friend, tremendous mentor, beautiful soul and wickedly fun sense of humor.

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