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October 05, 2007 - 07:58 PM
Leona (Williams) Zeyen

I have so many wonderful memories of Dick that I hardly know where to start. Dick and I went to school and in the same class together at Odon, IN.
In the second grade I thought he was pretty cute and I got in trouble for talking to him and the teacher paper-clipped a paper towel around my mouth. After that I waited until recess to chat with him. Later we both played the clarinet in the High School band. His playing was far superior to mine, but we both loved band. After graduation I saw him at class reunions and the Beef & Boards, and when our mutual friend "Kay (Davis) Buescher" would be in Indiana we were able to get together and we would chat and laugh for hours. He was so much fun and always made me laugh. Dick never let me forget the time he came to my home in Rochester, IN and my family and I took him out on Lake Manitou on my son's pontoon boat and we ran out of gas in the middle of the lake and my son-in-law and my son had to somehow get us back to shore. We laughed about that for a long time. Dick was extremely talented and a very dear friend! I will miss him and our class reunions wont be the same without him.

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