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October 04, 2007 - 01:03 PM
Danny McDermott

I received Dick's In Memorium in the mail today. Did anyone else have this experience - my heart almost stopped when I saw the picture on the cover. It was as if my old buddy, Leeroy, was looking right back at me. It was that same look you got when you sat down with him for a face-to-face. It made you feel as if you were the only other person on the planet at that moment: someone really special. He always insisted his middle name was pronounced LeRoy (French for 'the king') but I preferred to call him LeeRoy because he was from southern Indiana. I don't think he ever really appreciated that.
To me he was the mentor who gave me the confidence to try for it in the 'Big Time' (I'm not sure if I should thank him for that one.)
When my Dad died a few years ago, a big part of him came to stay within me, causing me to wisecrack at some of the worst times. When my Mom died in May, a big part of her came to stay within me - I now chew gum every day and have a greater apprectaion for the little things in life. Not long after Dick died, I began noticing a marked improvement in my keyboard skills; he is still a giving friend. I don't seem to miss my parents or Dick because we are all closer now than ever. Thanks, Leeroy.

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