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September 26, 2007 - 05:59 PM
Roger Williams

Dick and his family lived on a small farm adjacent to ours near Odon, In. Times were hard in the late 1940’s and money was tight. Dick’s mother “took in washings” to help raise money to support the family and later to pay for Dick’s piano lessons with a local teacher. Later on she worked as a clerk in a local store.

Early in his high school years when it became apparent that he possessed exceptional musical skills, his family found the means to make weekly trips to the county seat some 25 miles away where he could study with a most qualified piano teacher. Then it was off to college at Indiana State University and the “rest is history.”

Dick Laughlin lived and experienced the “American Dream” to the fullest; yet he never forgot his parents and home town. Dick, as another great entertainer used to say: “Thanks for the Memories.”

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