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September 26, 2007 - 07:26 AM
Mark Cornelius

Dick was my teacher at North Central High School 70-73 when I was in Music Men.m2 His Musical Talent, Influence and Kindness and Humor was an ever present reality in and out of class. I remember a practical joke we played on Dick when we conspired to "buy" him a new car we all chipped in and leased a Brand new car for a month then set about to spring the trap. Dick was so confused when we took him out back to the parking lot to give him his "gift" because there was the car, we were all gathered around itand in his hands we presented the keys. He was sure we stole it or there had to be a gag in it somewhere but when we insisted that was really his (which it was for a month)the shock on his face was priceless. When the "gag" was revealed he laughed his infectious laugh till his sides hurt. Thing is if we could have afforded to do it we would have. He gave so much to us deserved more that we could ever repay.
Years later Dick and I went out for Coffee after a performance at beef and Boards in which he confided in me his life story. At the end I told Dick that he would be the unofficial God father of My Daughter at which he teared up and thanked me. Richard had been on my mind in the past several weeks and I was going to try to regain contact only to discover that his light had gone out. NOw it was my turn to tear up. God speed Dick Laughlin. You will be missed and you will be remembered MM /M2 70-73

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