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September 07, 2007 - 07:25 PM
Amy Jo Stark

A musical tribute sung to the tune of Rubber Duckie

Uncle Dickie, youre the one,
You made showtime lots of fun,
Uncle Dickie Im awfully fond of you;

Bo bo bo de oh

Uncle Dickie, joy of joys,
Brought forth such a lovely noise,
Uncle Dickie,
Youre the best that I ever knew.

Every day when I
Made my way to the theatre,
Id find a, little fella whos,
Loads more fun than Salmonella!

No need for acapella.

(Big Finish)
Uncle Dickie, youre so fine,
And I toast with sparkling wine,
Uncle Dickie, Im awfully FOND of you.

--- AJ Stark 2007

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